INK Games is the ONLY platform with a viral tracking and payment engine that will connect millions of people together globally, allowing players to perpetually participate in the revenues that flow through their personal invites, connections, and viral reach.


Our payment engine (INK Engine™) will be the main ‘hook’ in creating new players, because their money is worth more on our platform. With a massive library of titles, including demos and early access, and our shared-economy marketplace, the INK Games platform will be second-to-none.

The Ultimate Marketplace

We are sharing the platform’s economy with each player for EVERY transaction, including merch, in-game assets and subscription services.

Desktop App

The hub of the INK Games experience. From here, players will be able to enjoy all of the Gaming, Community, and Monetization features available to them.

Mobile Companion App

The dashboard app will be used to access most of the platform’s features remotely, tracking your viral reach and Influence Points at any time.

Digital Assets

Earned through completing Achievements, playing games and making purchases, digital assets are valuable items that will generate entries to be used in any platform Sweepstakes giveaway.


Completing in-game challenges and goals on the platform will unlock Digital Assets, account cosmetics, and raise players’ overall score known as “Status Points”.

How do we engage our players? By fulfilling multiple online roles in one virtual community. INK Games is focused on making the core experience fun, before you’ve even started gaming.

Account Types

Players will be able to create an account for FREE, having access to games and the majority of the platform’s features. Gameplay is not even required for users to create an account or get paid! For higher caps on the payment engine and extreme viral tracking, players can choose the premium subscription.

Chat/Voice Chat

Text-based chat and voice chat between connected players keeps communication in one place!


Attract new viewers and easily monetize your channel through our built-in streaming tools.


Platform-driven news and updates! We send out weekly user and industry updates to keep you informed on all the latest news from within the industry.


Player-made additions or edits to existing games are fully supported by the platform, with our own Curators reviewing the very best ones.


Platform-sponsored streamers/influencers who will represent the community for INK Games by creating and reviewing platform-approved content.


Free-to-enter contests where winners can receive prizes from INK Games merch to bigger winnings, such as cars, vacations, and celebrity meet-ups!

We’re challenging the infrastructure of gaming. Making money and earning rewards on every level of the platform will be free to both players and developers.

The Answer for Players

Why choose our platform over established competitors? Because INK Games is the only gaming platform that will pay players and their friends to play. Every time a friend buys a new game, skin, loot box, or any other asset, a portion of that purchase is shared across their entire network.

The Answer for Streamers

Why stream on our platform instead of others? Because in addition to receiving tips and subscriptions, they will also share in the economy of their viewers. This will create a third income source, from their audience, not just the spenders.

The Answer for Developers

Why should developers choose our platform over big publishers? Because they receive a higher-percentage on their titles, and players will be incentivized to spend more on their games. Built-in influencer tools will make it easier than ever for developers to work with streamers in marketing their games.

The Payment Engine

Our unique payment engine (INK Engine™) makes your money worth more on our platform. A connection-based reward system pays players on referred sales once they invite others to join. Viral Tracking traces connection layers across the entire viral reach of their network, and a portion of the economics are redistributed accordingly.

Zip Codes

Zips and Postals are unique digital assets that mirror a map of the real world. We cannot stress enough how valuable these are. They are the base layer of our platform, meaning you will get paid on all marketplace transactions in your territory, for any product, asset or subscription.